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SafeDisc & SecuROM Emulators

DAEMON Tools v3.47
Ultimate SafeDisc, SecuROM & LaserLock Emulator!
DaemonUI v1.87
GUI for DAEMON Tools [Home]
DAEMount v1.6.1
Frontend for DAEMON Tools [Home]

PlayBackup v2.1
Tool which enables playing SafeDisc v2 & SecuROM protected games from a backup CD!!!

Insektors v3.0
[Win2K/WinXP only!]
Insektors v2.1
Insektors v1.1
SafeDisc, SafeDisc v2 & SecuROM & SecuROM v2 Emulator for
Win9x, ME, Win2K & WinXP
[Captain Red]

SafeDisc Executable UnWrappers

UnSafeDiscX v1.4.3
unSafeDisc & unSafeShit GUI
[MAD Alien]

Safedisc 2 Cleaner v1.2.0
SafeDisc v2 upto v2.60.52 & SafeCast 2.11.60
[bOOLs eYe]
For the latest version checkout the bOOLs eYe site!!!

unSafeShit v2.51.xx v2
unSafeShit v2.51.xx v1
2.51.20 / 2.51.21

unSafeDisc v2.40.10
Ultimate SafeDisc v2 UnWrapper!
2.02.40 / 2.05.30 / 2.10.30 / 2.30.31 / 2.30.33 / 2.40.10
unSafeDisc v1.5.5
Ultimate SafeDisc UnWrapper!
C.u.Dilla R2
C.u.Dilla R1 Final
[R!SC's Home]

ICD Extractor v1.1
SafeDisc v2 ICD Extractor from

Brute Force Cdilla Decrypter 1.01 Beta
[Black Check's Safedisc Page]

SafeDisc Tools

MiR - Mini Image Ripper

BetaBlocker 1.01 - SD2.51 [ENGLISH]
BetaBlocker 1.01 - SD2.51 [GERMAN]

BetaBlocker 1.0 [GERMAN]
Removes "weak" sectors from a SD2 CloneCD image file
BetaBlocker 1.0 [ENGLISH]
Translated versions by crispeater 2001
BetaBlocker 1.0 [FRENCH]
Translated versions by Seb

Safedisc Analyser v3.4
DumpPlayerx v1.0
Imhotep Clone v0.8

SDCheck v1.02

SafeDisc Resident Patch

VeNoM386 Generic Safedisc Emulator v5.2

Arthur's Generic SafeDisk Emulator v1.0

Laxity SafeDisc Patch v3.1
Laxity SafeDisc Patch v3.02
Laxity SafeDisc Patch v2.0

Laxity SafeDisc Patch v1.0

Laxity SafeDisc Patch v1.0

SafeDisc Information

How to Use unSafeDisc v2_xx_xx
from crispeater 2001

SafeDisc v2 Info

DESMiTiFiCANDO SafeDisc v2
from KeopS - Spanish

El Crep�sculo de Safedisc
from ArthaXerXes - Spanish

1:1 CD-Copy Instructions

Nero Burning Rom



File Password = GameFix

If you are experiencing problems unpacking the .7z, .RAR & .ACE files make sure to use the latest 7-Zip or WinRAR as older versions of WinACE, WinRAR & WinZIP will fail to work!

If you have problems downloading files then use a download manager like Go!Zilla!, Download Accelerator or GetRight to avoid download problems and to resume failed downloads!

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