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Darkstone v1.0/FRENCH Fixed Executable [572 KB]
Darkstone v1.0/SPANISH Fixed Executable [572 KB]
Darkstone v1.02/GERMAN Fixed Executable [520 KB]
  • Create the following temporary directory:
    • TempDirC:\TEMP\CD
  • Copy the full contents of the original CD to TempDir.
  • Replace the <TempDir>\DATA\DARKSTONE.EXE file with the one from the Patch Archive.
  • Burn the contents of TempDir to a 74 minutes CD-R and use the same CD-Label as the original CD.
  • Play the game!
Darkstone v1.05b/GERMAN No-CD/ Fixed Update [2.52 MB]
Darkstone v1.05b/GERMAN Blood Patch [16 KB]
Darkstone v1.02, 1.03, 1.04 & 1.05b/EURO NoCD Patch [5 KB]
Darkstone v1.03/US Fixed Executable [1.1 MB]
Darkstone v1.0/UK Fixed Executable [581 KB]
Darkstone v1.0/UK Fixed Executable [581 KB]
Darkstone v1.0/UK Fixed Executable [574 KB]
Language GERMAN
CD Volume Label Darkston
Data track 1 Track - Data Mode 1 - 655 MB - 74:34 - 335.560 Sectors 
Audio tracks <None>
Total CD Size 655 MB - 74:34 - 335.560 Sectors 
Protection SafeDisc
Main Executable Darkstone.exe (236 KB) - Darkstone.icd (1272 KB)
CD-Reader Teac CD-532S
CD-Writer Teac CD-R55S
Software Padus Disc Juggler 1.05.393
CD-R Media Network CD-R74

File Password = GameFix

If you are experiencing problems unpacking the .7z, .RAR & .ACE files make sure to use the latest 7-Zip or WinRAR as older versions of WinACE, WinRAR & WinZIP will fail to work!

If you have problems downloading files then use a download manager like Go!Zilla!, Download Accelerator or GetRight to avoid download problems and to resume failed downloads!

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